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Colombo, Sri Lanka — Specialty tire manufacturer Global Rubber Industries (Pvt.) Ltd. (GRI) is building a rubber mixing facility in the Mirigama Export Processing Zone in Sri Lanka and is preparing to increase tire production capacity.
According to tire manufacturers, the hybrid equipment will be able to produce 200 metric tons per day, more than three times the current capacity of 50 to 60 metric tons.
GRI said the mixing equipment will be equipped with the most advanced equipment, including automatic weighing equipment, “to ensure the sustainable production of its tires” and consistent high-quality production.
Ananda Caldera, executive director of GRI, said that the hybrid plant will “meet current demand and promote further expansion. We are expanding tire production and gradually increasing production capacity to better serve global customers.”
GRI produces agricultural and construction tires and solid tires for material handling in its 2-year-old factory in Badalgama. GRI said its factory has the function of automatically filling fillers to ensure that carbon black produces almost no dust. GRI says that there are no waste or by-products in the production process because the collected dust can be reused.
GRI CEO Mahesha Ranasoma said: “We are proud to announce that the completion of the new plant will focus on future demand for special pneumatic tires and solid tires.”
“Under a challenging environment, we are unswervingly achieving our goal of bringing GRI and high-quality Sri Lanka-made special tires to the world.”
Recently, the head of the Sri Lankan President’s Economic Recovery and Poverty Alleviation Task Force praised GRI for “contributing to the economic prosperity of Sri Lanka” during a factory visit.
The company also recently upgraded its website, simplified navigation and added detailed tire finding tools.
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Post time: Oct-13-2020
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