Brief introduction of anti skid tire

To the cold winter, for the northern cities, rain and snow weather is inevitable. The road is full of snow, which makes the road slippery and frozen. In this case, it brings great challenges to the majority of car tires. Winter rain and snow weather is a high incidence period of traffic accidents, the main reason is that the road icing, causing vehicle skidding, braking distance lengthening, resulting in rear end collision and other accidents. Because of the special design of the tread pattern, the anti-skid tire increases the friction between the tread and the road, which can effectively prevent the wheel from slipping. Therefore, in the winter rain and snow weather, the anti-skid tire has become the leading role in the tire industry.


Antiskid tire refers to the tire with antiskid measures, which is usually featured in the tread pattern design, such as adding antiskid grooves, nailing on the table and installing antiskid chains on the tire. And with the continuous development of anti-skid tire technology, research and development of mechanical vacuum anti-skid tire is the majority of car owners trust the anti-skid tire products. The anti-skid tire is evenly equipped with a set of fixed anti-skid system composed of anti-skid nails corresponding to the rim, and can use the anti-skid system according to the road conditions, and does not need to change the tire all year round. When the car runs on the smooth ice and snow road, when the anti-skid system needs to work, the anti-skid nail is pressed into the ice and snow road, and the anti-skid nail embedded in the ice and snow generates the tangential force, so as to achieve the purpose of anti-skid, and improve the trafficability and safety of the car. When the anti-skid system is not needed, the anti-skid nail can be retracted. So again and again.

It can be seen that the special tread design of anti-skid tire can improve the anti water skid and anti wet skid performance on wet road. We know that the driving performance of tires on wet road is closely related to the safety of cars, and the driving accidents in rainy and snowy weather are about twice as many as those in sunny days, mainly due to the poor driving performance of tires on wet road. Therefore, in recent years, major tire companies have strengthened the research and development work to improve the driving performance of tires on wet roads, and have developed high-performance tires with good driving performance on wet roads.

Of course, in order to improve the driving performance of the tire on the wet road, we should not reduce its driving performance on the dry road as the premise, focus on improving the anti water skid and anti wet skid performance of the tire on the wet road, that is, focus on improving the critical speed of the tire and reducing the braking distance on the wet road, while taking into account the requirements of low rolling resistance, low wear and low noise of the tire. Only in this way can the comprehensive design achieve the purpose of comprehensively improving the tire performance and automobile performance.

Post time: Mar-26-2021

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