Car tips you should know

Nowadays, the car is closely related to our life, and for many novice owners, how to maintain the car in daily life, some common sense things have not been mastered. Today, let’s talk about the knowledge that old drivers all know.

1.When parking a car with 1 automatic transmission, first shift to n gear, then pull up the handbrake, and finally shift to p gear.

2. When parking in winter, try to keep the position of the exhaust pipe in an inclined state. If conditions do not allow, after parking, you can use your big foot to blow the accelerator to drain the water from the exhaust pipe.

3.If there is no garage outside in summer, you must buy a heat insulation curtain and install it on the front windshield. In summer, the temperature inside the car is so high that it can even melt some plastic parts.

4.When parking outside, don’t park under trees, especially pine trees, otherwise the tree oil dripping on your vehicle’s paint will make you doubt your life.

5. Don’t put some solid pendants or ornaments on the dashboard. Sometimes the sudden braking will disfigure you. Especially in the co pilot area, sometimes the airbag will pop out, which will make you a fatal threat.

6, do not put anything in the car, such as solid balsam, perfume and so on. Those things are easy to volatilize and flammable. And it’s bad for your health.

7.Don’t change the circuit of the original car or add anything at will.

8.Dash cam is a necessary thing for driving. It’s direct evidence when there’s a problem.

9.Don’t wash the engine with water easily.

10.Always check the air pressure of the spare tire. And the tire pressure. It’s definitely a good habit.

Post time: Dec-31-2020

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