What do you know about Tires?

1.Tire pressure

Now many cars are equipped with tire pressure monitoring devices. The size and temperature of the tire pressure can be clearly shown on them. However, the general configuration of the vehicle does not have such a function. It costs about 1000 yuan to install a tire pressure monitoring device. At this time, many car owners will have doubts about the tire pressure of their car. After all, there is no actual detection device, but there is no actual detection device Tires are also related to driving safety, especially the vacuum tires that are used in many cars now. They look a little flat to the naked eye, which leads to the doubts of car owners. In this article, I will tell you that when inflating, the tire pressure is generally balanced. On the flat ground, if there is no obvious deformation of the four tires of the vehicle, or the deformation of one tire is unnecessary Yes, even if it looks a bit flat, it will not affect the use.

2.Wheel letters

A lot of tires have the letters “inside” and “outside”. Many car owners don’t know what this means. In fact, this is a sign to distinguish which side is inside and which side is outside when installing tires. If your tire “inside” is outside, you should pay attention to it. It may be that your tire is installed reversely.

3.Yellow dot

Many tires have a yellow dot, which is located at the valve core of the tire. Many friends will ask what the yellow dot means. In fact, it is a sign made to balance the weight of the whole tire. The yellow area is the lightest part of the whole tire, because the valve core is the heaviest part of the whole tire. In order to balance the whole tire, it is matched at the valve core In the lightest part of the tire, the normal yellow spot of the tire is similar to the position of the valve core. If your car doesn’t match, you may have replaced a fake tire.

4.Tire shelf life

At present, the country does not stipulate the warranty period of car tires. The industry generally believes that the warranty period of tires on the market is 3 years. This refers to the time from production to installation on your vehicle, not the time from production to complete use and scrapping. Once the tire is installed on the vehicle, its retirement period depends on your use and wear.

Post time: Mar-05-2021

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