Don’t forget to do maintenance for your car after you have a great driving experience

Holidays always go very fast. Although we have a rest in the holiday, our cars have been conscientious. I believe that we are working harder on holidays, especially some of them have been on long-distance vacation, and need maintenance. Therefore, we suggest that you should check the car after the holiday. If there are any problems, they can be found and solved in time.
1.Wash the car in time
Traveling mountains and playing with water, you can’t help but also on various occasions. In addition, the weather is complex and changeable. It is easy to gather dust and soil. Therefore, we must thoroughly clean the car. Of course, the interior should be well cleaned up. It can not only make the car fresh, but also bring you a good mood.
2.Check the tires
After washing the car, it’s not all right. There’s one more thing that we usually ignore, which is checking the tires. After all, no matter how good the quality of a tire is, it can’t stand the ravages of extremely bad road conditions. Therefore, we should carefully check the tire pressure and whether there are nails or not, which can be dealt with in time. In addition, we should comprehensively check whether the tire wall is intact, so as to avoid danger when driving at high speed.
3.Chassis inspection
In addition to the external inspection, car chassis is also absolutely can not be ignored! Because self driving tours usually go to remote places or mountainous areas, the road conditions are also relatively bumpy, and the damage to the chassis is relatively large, especially the bumps that you feel when driving, you need to conduct a comprehensive inspection on the chassis.
4.Brake system
After long-distance driving, the brake must be very worn. After all, the outdoor road environment is certainly not as good as the construction of the city, and the brake is used more frequently, so you can check whether there are defects such as grooves, so as to replace them in time.
The above inspection is relatively simple, you can solve it by yourself, don’t be lazy, let it go! If you are annoyed, you can ask the master for help. In a word, all problems can be prevented in advance. Only in this way can our car accompany us for a longer time!

Post time: May-07-2021

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