How much do you know about winter non slip tires?

1. What is winter antiskid tire
In China, most car owners think that winter tires are snow tires. In fact, this concept is not comprehensive. Internationally, it is said that winter tires are suitable for use at temperatures below 7 ℃.
Compared with summer tires and general purpose tires, winter tires are softer than other tires, with deeper and wider tread grooves. They can provide stronger skid resistance and grip on ice and snow roads, and ensure the safe driving of vehicles at low temperatures. Winter skid resistant tires can provide better braking and handling performance on dry, cold, wet and snow roads. According to the anti-skid performance of pavement, winter anti-skid tire can be divided into three types: serrated tire, snow tire and anti-skid nail tire. At present, the other two kinds of winter anti-skid tires can be used in China, except that the anti-skid nail tires are not allowed to be used.
2. Why does it slip in winter
The main reason is that the temperature is low in winter, especially when it freezes on the ground after snow or rain. When the vehicle’s tires are driving on the ice, due to the influence of pressure and tire temperature, the ice will melt, eventually reducing the adhesion between the vehicle’s tires and the ground, resulting in tire skid.
3. Why can’t ordinary tire be used as snow tire
Snow tire is different from ordinary tire in tread pattern and material. From the appearance point of view, the snow tire has asymmetric directional tread pattern. There are more grooves in the snow tire. The higher the proportion of grooves on the tire surface, the better the drainage performance. There are at least 1000 small grooves on snow tire, while there are only 200 on ordinary tire. In contrast, snow tire is more suitable for winter road use.
In terms of material, the material of snow tire is softer than that of ordinary tire. Snow tire adopts some special formula on the tread, which has greater friction than general tire, greatly improving the handling and safety of vehicle on smooth ice surface. At low temperature, the snow tire can still keep soft texture, while the ordinary tire will begin to harden with the decrease of temperature, thus reducing the anti-skid performance.
4. In the aspect of design, the winter antiskid tire is special
In addition to the more tread patterns mentioned repeatedly before, the tread groove depth of anti-skid tire in winter is deeper than that of general tire. This design can not only increase the water displacement, but also improve the friction between tire and ground.
In addition, the shoulder of anti-skid tire in winter is designed to be angular, which is different from the general tire. The angular design is mainly to increase the contact between the tire and the ground, increase the friction between the tire and the ground, and prevent serious sideslip when driving on ice and snow roads.

Post time: Feb-01-2021

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