How to choose the right tire?


First of all, priority should be given to the original tires, which can best match the vehicle speed and maximum load. Therefore, in theory, priority should be given to the replacement of tires. Automobile manufacturers generally choose multiple tire enterprises to support themselves. Therefore, while giving priority to changing the original tires, car owners can also change other brands of tires according to their own needs.

In everyone’s heart, there will be one or more recognized brands. There is no difference between good and bad brands. Cost performance is only a relative measure. Good driving habits can make the tire life longer. Common tire brands include Michelin of France, Bridgestone of Japan, Goodyear of the United States, Continental Germany (horse brand), Pirelli of Italy, Sumitomo of Japan, Yokohama of Japan, Cooper of the United States, Hantai of Korea, Jinhu of Korea, etc.


In principle, the new tire specifications should be consistent with those of the original vehicle, and the speed capacity and maximum load capacity of the replaced tire must be equal to or higher than those of the original tire.

If you need to change the tire specifications, you must go to a professional modification shop for tire upgrading or consult the vehicle manufacturer. In addition to the manufacturing number / manufacturing mark, there are also marks on the tire wall that are suitable for the season of use. Users in different regions can choose their own tires according to the local climate.

Post time: Jan-09-2021

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