How to maintain automobile tires in summer

1. Parking should be reasonable. When parking in summer, the car should be parked in a place where there is no sunshine for a long time, because after long-term sunlight exposure, the wheels are easy to be exposed to ultraviolet light, so as to make the rubber surface aging and increase the probability of tire burst.

2. Nitrogen filling can prevent tire burst: if the owner has enough money, he can also fill the tire and spare tire with nitrogen. Nitrogen filling can reduce the tire burst rate and prevent spontaneous combustion. From a chemical point of view: because nitrogen is an inert gas, the coefficient of thermal expansion is stable, and it is not easy to explode, so the probability of tire burst is greatly reduced. At the same time, it also plays a certain role in inhibiting the spontaneous combustion of the gas released from the rubber tire, so as to prevent spontaneous combustion.

3. To cool the tires, never spray water on the tires: in dog days, after driving on the highway for two hours, you should stop the car in the shade to let the tires rest and cool down, but you should not spray water on the tires to avoid tire deformation. When cooling and depressurizing the tire, it is necessary to let it cool naturally. If cold water is poured on the tire, it is easy to crack the tire and shorten its service life

4. Regular maintenance: the main car clearly understand the tire wear indicator and tire production date, regular maintenance for the vehicle. Check the condition of the tires before going on the highway. At the same time, do not use the spare tire for a long time.

5. Control speed to avoid emergency braking: the road temperature is high in summer, so emergency braking should be avoided as far as possible during driving to avoid aggravating tread wear. Pay attention to the road environment during driving and avoid hard or sharp objects on the road.

Post time: Apr-23-2021

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