In order to ensure the long service life of tires, we must do the following

1.Correct tyre pressure
The tire pressure value is marked on each tire. The normal tire pressure is about 2.2-2.6bar. Everyone can inflate the tire according to the regulations of the car factory. Too high or low tire pressure will cause wear increase of tread, even burst. Generally speaking, the tire pressure in summer can be slightly lower, and in winter it can be a little higher.It is worth noting that the tire pressure on the same axle must be the same.If you want to measure the tire pressure yourself, the best time is to get up in the morning and measure the tire pressure before starting the vehicle, because the tire will cool down completely after driving for 4 hours, and the data measured at this time is the most accurate.

2.Regular tire transposition
Due to the different function and load of each axle, the wear of each tire is also different. In order to prolong the service life of the tire, the tire transposition should be carried out regularly, so that the wear of each tire can be uniform.

3.Keep the tires clean
In the normal driving, we must timely clean up the foreign matters attached to the tire, so as to reduce the unnecessary injury of the tire. However, if you encounter sharp objects such as nails, it is recommended to go to a professional maintenance plant for cleaning.
Truck tires can be said to be the most basic members of the truck parts. They work hard for the truck driver’s transportation on all kinds of roads. Therefore, we usually have to test and maintain the tires before driving, when driving and after arriving at the destination~

Post time: Mar-12-2021

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