Maintenance methods of summer tires

The first point is to clean the stones in the middle of the tire in time, and do not forget to clean the tires at the same time when washing the car, so as to effectively prevent the tire from being damaged due to sticking to the corrosive things. The second is that organic solvents and other liquids that can react with rubber must also be noted to prevent them from accidentally falling or sticking to the wheels. If they are found, clean them in time to prevent the tires from being damaged by the corrosion of these melts.

In addition, the most important way of maintenance is to check the tires frequently. The most effective way is to observe the tires with naked eyes. Once it is found that there are bulges, litchi lines, breakage, etc. on the surface of the tires, the tires must be replaced to prevent the temperature rising in summer and accelerate the damage of the tires. If you need to replace the snow tire in winter, you must also keep the summer tire well. Do not stack several tires together, which is very easy to damage the tire.

Post time: Apr-02-2021

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