Promote green environmental protection and shoulder social responsibility

In 2019, the tire industry will comprehensively strengthen its investment in environmental protection “hardware and software”, and domestic and foreign benchmarking tire enterprises will increase their investment in RTO waste gas treatment and waste tire recycling and utilization development, demonstrating their social responsibility and responsibility. Shuangxing has built the world’s first “industry 4.0″ intelligent plant for green recycling of waste tires in Runan County. Zhongce, Shuangqian, Fengshen, Wanli and other enterprises have set up special departments for recycling and development, which are responsible for the recycling of waste tires, the development and utilization research of waste rubber and the renovation of old tires. Zhongce, Double Money, Jiangsu General motors, Michelin, Continental Ma brand, Hantae, Sumitomo, Pirelli and other companies have continuously developed and innovated in the field of exhaust terminal management, and strengthened the management efforts. The Tire Classification Standard and the Green Design Product Evaluation Technical Specification for Automobile Tires accelerate the industrialization process of green tires, strengthen the corporate social responsibility, let consumers clearly consumption, and promote the transformation and upgrading of the industry green development.

Post time: Dec-18-2020

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