The difference between vacuum tire and ordinary tire

The difference is that the vacuum tire has no inner tube, and the ordinary tire has inner tube. After being punctured by a nail, the vacuum tire leaks very slowly, which can make you insist on going to the repair shop. However, the ordinary tire may run out of gas directly, so you can only replace the spare tire or trailer. However, it is very troublesome to inflate the vacuum tire when it is inflated, especially when it is replaced with a new vacuum tire, which may take a long time to inflate.

Another point is that vacuum tires are generally used in small cars or motorcycles, while ordinary tires are now mostly used in bicycles or some large trucks, mainly because of load-bearing and durability problems. Everything has two sides, because the contact surface between vacuum tire and ground is bigger, and its grip is stronger than ordinary tire. In addition, because the vacuum tire has no inner tube, its mass is smaller than that of ordinary tires, and it is also better for improving the handling of the car. The most special point is that the vacuum tire will not leak immediately after being punctured, so there is no danger of losing the direction of the vehicle, and its safety performance is better than that of ordinary tires.

Post time: Mar-19-2021

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