Tips for wheel anti skid in rainy days

Scheme 1: wheel slipping, it is necessary to see whether the front wheel is slipping or the rear wheel is slipping, the front wheel is slipping, the steering wheel is in the opposite direction, the rear wheel is slipping, the steering wheel is in the same direction, and do not drive in rainy days. Even if the driving sees the rainstorm, double flash to stop and wait for the rain to be small.

Plan 2: in fact, in this case, the most important thing is to calm down, release the accelerator (you can bring the brake, but try not to brake quickly), and then slowly turn the steering wheel to change the direction of the car. In short, let the car slow down first, and at the same time turn the steering wheel in the direction of the car’s error (this is very important, it is along the direction of the car out of control, rather than trying to control the car) Car!) It’s easier said than done to change the direction slowly after the car stabilizes.

Plan 3: there are usually three kinds of wheel slip: first, the rear wheel slip will make the vehicle sway in the road, and at this moment, the driver can’t control it. Second, the four wheels skidded, because the four wheels locked during the braking process. Third, the front wheel slip, mostly occurs in the curve or turning speed is too fast, when the road is too slippery.

First of all, for the appearance of rear wheel slip, that is, when the rear half of the car body slips, experts suggest that no matter which direction the car slips, you should turn the steering wheel in the direction of the slip, and remember never to brake, and do everything as gently as possible.

Secondly, when the four wheels slip, the car owner will feel the vehicle rushing forward faster than usual. At this time, let’s first let the front wheel find the ground force, close the accelerator, do not step on the brake, gather and disperse gently, and do everything as gently as possible. Let the car go until the skid doesn’t stop.

In addition, if the front wheel skids, that is, the steering wheel cannot be changed, the vehicle will run straight ahead until it hits the obstacle. Now remember to wait for the wheel to change before the steering wheel can change, until the recovery is normal, repeatedly step on the brake, so as to make the oil circuit reach the most useful working condition.

Post time: Apr-09-2021

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