Use and maintenance of agricultural tire

The tire directly contacts with the road surface and is easy to wear. It bears various deformation, load, force and high and low temperature when driving. The road condition of agricultural vehicles is more complex than that of urban vehicles. There are gullies in the fields, factories and mining areas, uneven stones and tiles, and even spines and nails, which can cause damage to the tire at any time. Therefore, it is necessary to improve the use skills and strengthen the maintenance, so as to improve the service life of agricultural vehicle tires.

1. Maintenance precautions

(1) The tire should be inflated at the nominal pressure. Be sure to pay attention to safety when inflating the tire, and do not rush for success, otherwise it is easy to damage the inner tube. Pay attention to observe the pressure gauge, so as to avoid personal injury caused by tire jumping. If necessary, safety belt can be installed. To inflate the tire according to the standard, the inflation pressure should not be too high, which will aggravate the vibration of the car body and accelerate the wear of the middle part of the tire; if the air pressure is too low, the tire will deform greatly, which will increase the wear surface of the tire and increase the rolling resistance. Generally speaking, when driving on the road, the upper limit of the calibration value is taken; when transporting in the field, the lower limit of the calibration value is taken; in winter, the upper limit is taken; in summer, the lower limit is taken. At the same time, left and right drive

(2) Check the tread frequently. Check whether the tread is damaged and whether there are stones stuck between the two wheels of the vehicle. If there is any foreign matter, it should be removed in time to prevent the rim from deforming or puncturing the tire; the tread break should be filled with raw rubber. The tire should be replaced if the outer tire is burst, the crown is cracked, the shoulder is removed, and the sidewall is bulged.

(3) Always check the fastening of tires. In case of looseness, it should be tightened in time to avoid serious accident caused by wheel looseness. Prevent the tire from being contaminated with oil, acid, alkali and other corrosive substances. Wash or wipe the tire with water to avoid corrosion. Maintain the correct front wheel toe in and front wheel bearing clearance to prevent early tire wear.

(4) When it is not allowed to install tires with different types, patterns and different degrees of old and new, due to the differences in actual size and load capacity, if the tires are arbitrarily mixed, it will not only accelerate the tire damage, but also increase the wear of transmission parts and fuel consumption. When installing the tire, the coaxial or corresponding position of the tire should be exactly the same.

(5) Some new tires should be installed on the front wheels first. Because the load of front wheel is light, it can reduce the initial wear. Repair the tire, preferably in the rear wheel. Because, repair tire mass distribution is not uniform, mounted on the front wheel will increase the wheel yaw, not only difficult to operate, but also accelerate the wear and damage of tires and chassis parts. In addition, the repair part is easy to burst, and the front wheel is easy to cause accidents.

(6) In order to make the tire wear balanced and avoid abnormal wear and damage, tire transposition should be carried out timely. The methods include cross transposition, cyclic transposition, mixed transposition and coaxial transposition. Among them, the cross transposition method is used more and the effect is better. Its advantages are: good adaptability to arched road surface, can better ensure the balanced wear of each tire. It is not necessary to remove the tire tread from the rim during the transposition, and the spare tire can also participate in the transposition. The cross transposition method is widely used. If this method has been selected, always transpose according to the selected method.

(7) When the wheel is reassembled to the vehicle, the tire with herringbone pattern on the rim with rotation direction shall be installed according to the specified direction

Post time: Jan-22-2021

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