What is the best tire for agricultural tricycle

In addition to the manufacturing process, the grade of the tire also depends on the flat rate of the tire. Flattening ratio is the ratio of height to width of tire. The lower the flattening ratio, the better the quality of Bai. The original automobile tire tread is very narrow, the diameter is very big, the narrow and high tire, not only the handling safety is very poor, but also, because the stress area of the tire is small, so the durability is very poor.

Single guide pattern: the single guide pattern has the advantages of both horizontal pattern and longitudinal pattern. At the same time, it also has excellent braking performance, good dry wet grip and strong drainage performance, so as to enhance the stability of wet driving. It is suitable for high-speed driving. Attention should be paid to the installation of single guide pattern tire. The installation position must be the same as the driving direction.

Asymmetric pattern: this kind of pattern is characterized by different patterns on the left and right sides of the tread. The high lateral support surface of the outer tread is designed for turning and handling to ensure the steering maneuverability of dry road. The inner tread can ensure moisture and smoothness, and has better skid resistance when driving on the road. Asymmetric pattern in driving with super stability, can bring extraordinary driving experience.

Block pattern: block pattern is often used in off-road tire, so it is also called off-road pattern. The grooves of the utility model are also connected with each other in an independent pattern block structure. The off-road pattern block is larger and the groove is deeper, which can improve the grip performance and traction of the tire. At the same time, through the special groove design, the stones and soil blocks can be automatically removed during the driving process of the tire, which helps to maintain the performance of the tire and prevent further loss.

Comprehensive pattern: of course, some tires will consider the combination of different types of pattern advantages in the design. For example, some tires designed for urban SUV, which combine the block pattern with the central rib pattern design, can not only improve the handling and straight-line driving stability of the tire, but also enhance the grip and self-cleaning ability of the tire.

Post time: Feb-05-2021

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