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Today, let’s continue to talk about some knowledge about tires. Some car owners often complain, “my car shakes a lot when I run to a certain speed. I can’t hold the steering wheel.” In this case, the tire needs to be dynamically balanced. The performance of the vehicle’s dynamic balance is that the steering wheel will shake when the vehicle is at a certain speed, as described by the owner just now. Some of them are serious, some are slight, some are poor in dynamic balance. Sometimes they can’t feel it when they exceed the speed.

So what is the reason that the tire needs to do dynamic balancing? How often should we do dynamic balance?

The factors leading to the imbalance of tire dynamic balance include the following factors: sudden braking, tire burning and starting, resulting in irregular tire wear.

Wheel hub deformation caused by stress (this kind of situation is more common for off-road vehicles, or are you always on the road?) The inner wall of the wheel hub is dirty, the tire is reversed, and the wheel is reversed

If you don’t often travel long-distance or high-speed people, do it once when you feel like it. If you belong to the former, it is recommended that you do it once every 10000 km. If the tire and the hub are misaligned every time, it means that the balance is poor. You also need to do dynamic balance every time you reverse the tire. Sometimes the dynamic balance of the rear tire is poor, which is not obvious at ordinary times. However, when the tire behind the front and rear tire is put in the front, you will feel obvious immediately.

Also, if you do dynamic balancing, remember that the standard operation should be to clean your wheel hub first, and then remove the old lead, and then the new lead is not allowed to separate from each other. The last thing to be noted is that the error on both sides is not allowed to exceed 5g, exceeding it is unqualified dynamic balance. Why do you need to master this knowledge? In daily life, people often neglect details because of inertia, leading to unprofessional. Many technicians in the 4S shop around me are like this, not to mention other people? But if you know this, they don’t dare to fool you with a sentence (oh, this is normal).

Tire related common fault, there is eating tire. This fault is very annoying and easy to solve. In fact, it is also easy to solve. As long as you find a professional and reliable store to do 4-wheel positioning. Why is it troublesome? Because as long as it is not serious, the tire eating kilometers are calculated in tens of thousands, that is to say, the periodicity of fault detection is very long, which is very easy for people to ignore. What’s more, severe fetal discovery is late. As a result, the service life of the tire was seriously damaged. To prevent this situation is to check the flat surface of the tire every 5000 km to see if there is eccentric wear. If there is, make positioning in time. Say it is simple, that is to do a positioning can solve ah. It’s not necessary to go to the 4S store to give you some popular science and positioning. As long as the professional is serious and responsible. I’m a 4S store. I don’t recommend you to go to a 4S store. Don’t you know why? And every time you change a tire, you have to do four-wheel alignment. Prevent unnecessary wear of new tires.

Post time: Dec-25-2020

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